The Birch Run Village Code of Ordinances includes all laws set forth by the Village of Birch Run as it applies to a variety of residential, commercial, environmental, public works, building and many other situations.  These ordinances are in place to protect the health, safety and welfare of the Village of Birch Run.

For a complete listing and detail of the Birch Run Village Code of Ordinances, please click on the following link:


New Ordinances and/or Amendments not included in the on-line Code of Ordinances:

Billboard Ordinance

Street Banner Ordinance

Chapter 90 Amendment – Animals

Chapter 91 Amendment – Burning Ordinance

Chapter 91 Amendment – Fireworks

Chapter 93 Amendment – Anti-Blight Ordinance

SPECIAL NOTE: Not included in the Birch Run Village Code of Ordinances is the Village of Birch Run Zoning Ordinance, which is a separate document.  The Village of Birch Run Zoning Ordinance applies to a variety of land use and development issues, each having its own set of standards and requirements.  For more information or questions regarding the Village of Birch Run Zoning Ordinance, please contact the Village Building/Zoning Administrator at the Village Office.

If you suspect that a violation of Village ordinance has occurred, please report it using the Complaint Form.