Department of Public Works

The Village of Birch Run Department of Public Works (DPW) is responsible for providing public services related to streets, water, sewer, storm water, and sidewalks.

The street operations are divided between major streets and local streets.  Currently, the Village has 4.99 miles of major streets, 3.52 miles of local streets, and 7.37 miles of sidewalks. Responsibilities among the street operation duties include snow plowing, roadside mowing, asphalt patching, crack sealing, street sweeping, sidewalk repairs, shoulder grading, and street line-striping & symbols.

The sewer maintenance operations are responsible for providing a means to collect sanitary sewage disposal.  Responsibilities among the sewer operations include the maintenance of approximately 8.9 miles of sewer pipes to ensure sewage to flow freely by gravity, inspect and repair sanitary sewer manholes, performs necessary emergency repairs of sewer pipes, clean public sewer lines, internally inspect public sewer lines with video equipment, maintain and operate the Village lagoon system, and the maintenance of seven pumping facilities for continuous operations.

The water maintenance operations are responsible for distributing safe drinking water purchased from the City of Saginaw.  Responsibilities among the water operations include the maintenance of positive operating pressure over approximately 12.6 miles of public water mains, perform emergency repairs on public water mains as necessary, repair fire hydrants, repair operating valves, install new water service connections to property lines, locate underground pipes from Miss Dig, and collect water samples for testing.

Drinking water is tested and monitored on a continuous basis to ensure that it meets or exceeds all federally mandated requirements governing its quality.  In compliance with the 1996 Federal Safe Drinking Water Act, the Department has issued a Water Quality Report.  A link to this report can be found in the “DPW-Forms” page.

In case of a D.P.W. emergency, call (989) 624-9856

Marty Hauck – DPW Foreman

William Shappee, Jr. – DPW Assistant Foreman

Reese Schluckebier – DPW Utility I

Mike Ruschke – DPW Utility II

Codi Cherry – DPW Laborer


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20 years of Village trucks