General Office

The Village of Birch Run has operated under the council-manager form of government since 1996.  Policy making and legislative authority are vested in an elected Village Council and administrative authority in an appointed Village Manager.  The Village Manager exercises administrative, personnel, and fiscal direction over all departments in the Village of Birch Run, including the Department of Public Works, Police Department, and the Village General Office.  The Village Manager serves as Chief Financial Officer of the Village and implements policy enacted by the Village Council.  The Village Manager also serves as Director to the Village of Birch Run Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and advises in matters of economic and community development.

DDA Director/Village Manager
Paul T. Moore, CPM

Property tax collection is the main function of the Village of Birch Run Treasurer.  While the actual assessed and taxable values of property are determined by the Birch Run Township Assessor, the tax billings and collections originate from the Treasurer’s Office.  All money transactions involving the collection of real property and personal property taxes, special assessments, utility bills, permits, and licenses are processed through the Treasurer’s Office.  The Treasurer is also responsible for overseeing the deposit and investment of all Village funds, and serves as secretary to the DDA Board of Directors.

DDA Secretary/Village Treasurer
Lisa Duffett

The Zoning/Building Administrator’s primary duties include the review of construction plans and documents, the issuance of building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits and the inspection of new and renovated structures for compliance with applicable codes and standards.  This position also ensures that the long-range land use planning for the Village follows the defined goals of the community through review of all development activity.  Additional duties are site development inspection, review of construction permits for zoning ordinance compliance, site plan review, design and sign review and processing of all rezoning requests.

Zoning/Building Administrator
Mike Setzer

The Village Clerk is the official keeper of all Village records, including including licenses, permits, contracts, and the official minutes of boards and commissions.  The  Village Clerk also supervises the maintenance of all Village records and establishes and oversees the implementation of a record retention program, which complies with State Law and/or local requirements.  The Village Clerk certifies all resolutions, ordinances, or other formal documents enacted by the Village Council and assists with the maintenance of the Village financial system.  All Village election and voter registration duties for the Village are handled by the Birch Run Township Clerk.

Village Clerk
Stacey Plichta

The Utility Billing Clerk prepares, issues and receives payments for utility bills; collects and records revenue for utility bills, permits, business licenses, and rental licenses; processes utility work orders; and maintains database of business and rental licenses.  In addition, this position acts as Village Clerk in cases where the Village Clerk is absent.

Utility Billing Clerk/Deputy Clerk
Courtney Damsen

This position cleans and maintains all facilities in the Village Office.

Sanitation Engineer