Department of Public Works – Forms & Information


  1. Automatic Payment Form
  2. Hydrant Meter Application Form
  3. Online Utility Bill Payment Instructions
  4. Payment Plan Application Form
  5. Sewer System Connection Application
  6. Water System Connection Application
  7. Water Sewer Service Application – COMMERCIAL
  8. Water Sewer Service Application – RESIDENTIAL
  9. Water/Sewer System Release Form


Water Costs – The Village of Birch Run purchases water from the City of Saginaw.  The City of Saginaw charges the Village Township for water based on the cost to safely treat and transport the water to the Village’s water distribution system.  Components that determine the City of Saginaw’s cost to meet the Village’s water demand include the labor, equipment, materials and utility costs for the system’s maintenance and operation.  Additionally, the capital improvement costs for system upgrades as well as costs associated to meet state and federal mandates to assure the water is safe to drink are included.

Sewer Costs – The Village operates a sewage lagoon treatment facility for the west portion of the Village and also is a customer of Genesee County Water & Waste Services for the east commercial district.  The County charges the Village for sewer based upon metered sewage flows.  There is currently no way to measure the actual sewage at each residence, therefore, residents are billed based upon the volume of metered water usage.  Along with the standard operating and maintenance costs the sewer rate also varies upon the cost associated to the treating and disposing of water seepage during dry and wet periods (rainfall).  Capital costs necessary to implement pollution prevention measures as mandated by the USEPA are also included.

Ready to Serve – The “Ready to Serve” charge is a flat fee billed quarterly for every home that is connected to the water system.  This charge is for access to the service lines that serve each individual property.  It goes towards the operation and maintenance costs associated with those lines.  Once a property connects to the water (or sewer system), that connection must be maintained, regardless if there is usage.